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Automated Loyalty

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to Loyalty. Each consumer counts. Period.

Automated Loyalty and Retention

Loyalty icon

Users click on the Loyalty Icon to access their Loyalty Profile. The icon’s UI and UX are fully customizable through the wappier Platform to match the app’s look and feel.

Loyalty Profile

Users access their Loyalty Profile as a slide-in overlay on top of the app to check all the latest updates and offers now available or coming up next.

earn points

Users can see which gameplay events reward them with Loyalty Points. The more they play, the more points they win.

spend points

Loyal users get rewarded. They can redeem their Loyalty Points for in-app items. Events are mapped with points and in-app items that are used as loyalty rewards.

in-game goodies

Events, rewards, points are all configurable through the wappier Platform, using the power of AI to ensure a meaningful experience that does not affect the apps’ economy.

loyalty tactics

30+ Personalized Loyalty Tactics are ready to be configured through the wappier Platform in seconds, without engineering effort, proven to optimize each user’s LTV individually.

Tactics are the magic sauce to our Loyalty System
System Recommended
Marketing Friendly

4 Groups, 30+ Tactics, Millions of Consumers: A Loyalty System that works for each and every one of your consumers real-time!

Retention Tactics

Tier System
Happy Hour
Happy Day
Daily Bonus
Wheel of Fortune

Gameplay Progression Tactics

Instant Rewards

Engagement Tactics

Point System
P2P Challenges
Scratch & Win
Invite a Friend
Send a Gift

Monetization Tactics

Flash Sales
1+1 Offers
Watch Videos

All tactics can be unique per each app or part of a Cross-App Loyalty System across all the apps of the same developer or brand.

Enable a Loyalty Tactic through the wappier Platform in seconds!
How We
Work Together

App Analysis
Event Mapping
Reward Definition

QA & Testing
Builds Submission

Platform Deep Dive & Training
Loyalty Configuration: Rewards, Tactics, UI
Machine Learning Algorithm Training

Performance Monitoring
A/B/n Tests & Smart Audiences
Solution Management & Optimization

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