FANANEES 2 + wappier

Doubling Ad Revenue!

The Game

FANANEES 2 is a casual, arcade mobile game with integrated social elements. Published in May 2018 by MBC Group, a global media and broadcasting group with over 120m weekly viewers, the game is available to download globally on both Google Play and App Store. FANANEES 2 created an incredible buzz right after its launch, counting more than 2m downloads in less than 3 months.

The Challenge

As often the case with casual and hyper-casual games, FANANEES 2 heavily monetizes through ads and much less through In-App Purchases, thus the need for high player retention and increased engagement soon became obvious.

The Partnership

In July 2018, MBC Group partnered with wappier to enable its Automated Loyalty & Retention Solution. A native, fully customized loyalty system that seamlessly with gameplay rewards players for coming back to the game more often, sticking around longer and playing more. The SDK integration was fast and simple, taking days not weeks.

The Results

Enabling a meaningful rewarding loyalty system in FANANEES 2 with an average daily open rate of 60% means players liked it! Our results show not only retention and engagement boosts of over 50%, but also monetization uplift by increasing average ad CTR and doubling ad revenue.

56% Higher Day 1 Retention

36% More Average Sessions per DAU

58% Higher Daily Session Time per DAU

21% Higher Player Lifetime

113% More Ad Views per Player

93%  Higher Ad Revenue per Player

“wappier’s Loyalty Solution helped us boost our game’s retention, engagement, and revenue KPIs. It gave our players an extra gameplay overlay, and a reason to play our game more often, resulting in a doubling of ad revenue.”
Amin El Husseini
Head of Mobile Products @ MBC Group