WIZZO + wappier

75% Higher Cumulative ARPU!


The Brand

MBC Group is one of the biggest global media groups in the world, counting more than 150m weekly viewers. Founded back in 1991, the group includes today 18 TV channels, 2 FM radio stations, a premium content drama production company, and multiple online platforms with a reach of 358m monthly page views.

The Challenge

Having an outstanding audience reach across TV, radio, and web, MBC Group wanted to achieve a breakthrough connection between these channels and mobile. What would be the ideal way of penetrating not just the mobile ecosystem, but also the hearts of millennials, the brand’s most powerful advocates?

The Partnership

MBC Group partnered with wappier in 2015 to create a mobile gaming community, a cross-game, cross-publisher Loyalty System, called “WIZZO Games”, that connects games to gamers. The more you play, the more you get rewarded!

The Results

For 3 years and still counting, WIZZO’s success lies in the extreme B2B and B2C value it brings. It’s a Loyalty System that connects real-time top mobile games to high-quality players that get rewarded in the most meaningful way and feel special. Giving the right incentives to the right users results in amazing retention, gameplay, and spending uplifts.

21% Higher Day 1 Retention

24% Higher Time Spent in Game

25% More Transactions per Payer

75% Higher Cumulative ARPU

WIZZO In Numbers

“Partnering with wappier has significantly helped us increase our player base in the Middle East. We are looking forward to extending our partnership in the future!"
Marvin Brischke
CMO @ Xyrality
"Working with wappier on the WIZZO Loyalty Solution has allowed us to drastically optimize our audience in the entire MENA region. Thanks to their continued assistance, the integration process went smoothly. We are looking forward to collaborating with them in other regions as well."
David Cremades
CMO @ From The Bench
"Interesting concept. Wonderful team. Great potential for growth in the Middle East.“
Sean Elliot
VP of Business Development @ Playrix
"wappier’s WIZZO Loyalty Solution is the best way for us to reach the hearts of players from Middle East. We are happy to work with such a creative and efficient partner."
Elena Solovyeva
VP of Sales & Marketing @ ZeptoLab