Dynamic Pricing: ARPDAU Increase of up to 122%

wappier’s technology identifies differences in gamers’ willingness to pay in different regions which is not captured in local currencies exchange rates. Based on our self-service technology that utilizes a proprietary model a top publisher aimed to maximize revenue and payers.

Automatic Updates Our self-service platform makes integration easy, a publisher can be up and running in less than a day. And our platform updates the price in the store automatically, with Average Revenue Per Daily Active User increasing up to 122%.


ARPDAU Increase


Free to Bill Conversion Increase


Transactions Per DAU

Retention and Loyalty: 50%+ KPIs Increase


Integrating the wappier SDK, resulted in dramatic increase of key performance metrics across the customer lifecycle:

  • ARPPU: wappier 46% higher than non-wappier
  • Transactions/Payer: wappier 25% higher than non-wappier
  • Days to 1st In-App Purchase: wappier 20% Earlier than non-wappier
  • Day 1 Retention: wappier 69% higher than non-wappier