Global Pricing increased ARPU by 18% for a top Match-3 game

Genies & Gems boosted player spending
and revenue
by optimizing and localizing
their IAP prices

Key Points

Company: Jam City
Game: Genies & Gems
Target: 30 countries worldwide
Platform: Android


The company

Jam City is one of the leading mobile gaming companies in the world. Since 2010, Jam City’s global franchises have amassed billions of installs. They have been hugely successful in creating original IP casual games and they are also the go-to studio for Hollywood, having developed immersive, narrative-rich mobile games around iconic entertainment brands like Disney, Harry Potter, and Family Guy.

The need

With 21% of the market share, Match-3 is undeniably the most downloaded puzzle genre for mobile games today. Being a genre that players of all ages can enjoy means that the competition is fierce, so finding a balance between ad revenue from F2P and the optimal price for their IAP store is paramount to gaining an edge on competitors and retain players. In order to price their in-game items in a way that would increase revenue and retention, Jam City turned to wappier and its machine learning price optimization tech.

The solution

By analyzing each country's macroeconomic data and local purchasing power with deep insights into game population behavior, Global Pricing uses a powerful artificial intelligence engine developed by wappier to identify differences in how much people are willing to pay for apps on a per country level. The process goes beyond the local currency exchange rates used by app stores and finds the perfect price point to increase payer conversion and maximize revenue.

The Results

Genies & Gems not only experienced improved ARPU by 18% but also saw paying players increase by 13% who then boosted transactions by 13%. The team at Jam City found that by using Global Pricing to target specific countries with optimized prices it further increased their revenue and resulted in more than one KPI lifts that were not limited to one region or another but were seen globally.

+18% ARPU Uplift

+17% Payers Increase

+13% Transactions Gain

+18% ARPU Uplift

+17% Payers Increase

+13% Transaction Gain

Global Pricing ARPU Uplift

Why wappier?

wappier offers a comprehensive suite of ML-based optimization solutions a game studio needs to increase their revenue and improve retention. Throughout Jam Citys journey, the wappier team was by their side, providing end-to-end support – including solution implementation, program management, and performance analysis.