Automated Loyalty & Retention and Dynamic 1-1 Pricing for Mobile Game App Publishers fueled with:

Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics
Deep Data Pooling
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Loyalty & Retention

Loyalty Icon

Users can access their Loyalty Profile by clicking on the loyalty icon. The icon asset and position are fully customized through the wappier Console.

Loyalty Profile

The Home Page gives users an overview of their point balance, if they are eligible to redeem a new item, what offers are coming up and other tactics you can enable through the Console.

Earn Points

The Earn Points section shows all the in-game events configured on the Console which reward a user with Loyalty Points or In-Game Goodies.

Spend Points

Configure the Loyalty Redemption System through the Console. Quantities, groups, and bundles of rewards are also supported.

In-Game Goodies

Configure the rewards that will be redeemed with Loyalty Points. Our machine learning algorithms find the right exchange ratio to ensure that the game economy is not affected.

Loyalty Tactics

Over 30 pre-configured Tatics proven to optimize each user's LTV individually, are ready to be deployed to specific users based on their behavioral patterns and propensity to reach the desired outcome!

45%+ Higher LTV: Automated Loyalty & Retention for Mobile Games!

wappier’s Loyalty & Retention Solution allows mobile game publishers to offer their users a Sophisticated Loyalty Program in one or multiple games without interfering with gameplay!

Reduce User Churn and maximize LTV by 45%+, by enabling in your game a smart, self-trained, personalized Loyalty System that works at the same time for you and your users!

wappier offers a Loyalty & Retention Solution that checks all the right boxes!

  1. Automated & Closed-Loop
  2. Dynamic & Personalized
  3. Intelligent & Self-Training
  4. Easy & Flexible

Dynamic Pricing

122%+ Higher ARPDAU: Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games!

wappier’s Dynamic Pricing Solution allows mobile game publishers to enjoy a world of Intelligent Revenue Management & Optimization!

Leave the pricing of your in-app products to a Machine Learning Engine that processes more than 1 billion data facts per day and discovers the price elasticity curves to compute real-time the optimal price for the ideal user at the best possible time and way! Leave pricing to us and focus on your passion, creating the best game out there!

Revenue concentration is huge and almost nothing is being done to optimize it ... We have built a closed-loop automated Machine Learning System that automates Revenue Management & Optimization.

Showing Pricing some

Regional Pricing Auto-Adjustment

Regional Pricing Predictive Econometric Models identify differences in users’ willingness to pay in different regions which is not reflected in local currencies and exchanges rates. Our machine learning algorithms modify the pricing of your game’s In-App Products automatically in different regions to reflect these changes based on the wappier index.

Personalized 1-1 Pricing

Move one step deeper, beyond Regional Pricing, and let wappier’s Dynamic Price Engine optimize the best price for specific In-App Products targeting specific users. Create Automated, Personalized Offerings on a 1-1 basis to achieve targeted Customer Management and true User Life Time Value Optimization.

Real-Time Bundling

Auto-create bundles on the fly, based on negatively correlated goods and consumer propensity to buy. Let our machine learning algorithms process your users’ Life Time Value, their propensity to buy, their in-game progress and your game’s In-App Product correlation.

Next Best Action Recommendation

Auto-create sophisticated and complex user models on top of big data, to match your users’ behavioral trends. Target your users with a fully automated predictive behavior modeling and marketing optimization to determine the next best action for each user!

Adjust your prices to each country

A "Gem-pack" in-app item is priced for $4.99 in the US Store currency conversion for EGYPT is 88.19 EGP. Optimal price is $0.80 (14 EGP, 15% of original price). New price results in 45% increase of ARPDAU.

Adjust your prices to each user

Eyad is a non-paying player of the Trivitap Quiz Game and lives in Cairo. He plays other games and is a payer in some of them. Through Regional Re-Adjustment and Personalized Pricing his probability of making his first purchase increases by 72%.

Find the right price for the right user at the optimal time to increase ARPDAU by 122%+

Getting Started

Step 1

Go to and sign up to the wappier Management & Optimization Console.

Step 2

Get your API key and see how you can integrate your game to the Console.

Step 3

Enable in 1 day:

  1. Automated Loyalty & Retention

  2. Dynamic 1-1 Pricing

Step 4

Ready to deep dive? YEES!

  1. Cutting-Edge Audience Management

  2. Intelligent Testing

  3. 1-1 User Behavior Tracking, Forecasting & Optimization

Step 5

It’s time to talk charts! Check how Automated Loyalty and Dynamic Pricing are working for your game through Advanced Reporting & Cooler-than-Ice Analytics!