Our services are enabled by Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Deep Data Pooling

How we do it
Our machine learning algorithms process more than 1 billion data facts every day to offer unparalleled dynamic pricing, loyalty and retention solutions to mobile game app publishers. Utilize Dynamic Regional and Personalized Pricing, and automate a Loyalty Rewarding System for each and every one of your users, without a changing a single line of code!
Automated Catalogue Management

Full back-end integration for App Store and Google Play so that publishers do not need to republish their apps to use our technology, while they reap the benefits of tracking and attribution

Data mining of actionable data

Combination of wappier deep integration data (location, device, time spent, level progress, average time for F2B conversion etc.) with 3rd party data pools for unique customer view & personalized management

Multivariate testing framework

With automated testing and proprietary price discovery algorithms across regions/ markets wappier enables marketing automation, customer value management and continuous dynamic customer segmentation

Machine Learning models

Logistic regression, decision trees, Bayesian learning, content/user based filtering, neural networks are some of the machine learning models used that result in deep understanding of the users’ behavioral patterns and thus intelligent development of the most accurate model for the most agreeable segment: Next Best Action/ Offer – Next Best Channel – Next Best Time

Technology at heart of our platform
Enter the wappier Management Console, get your API key and integrate the wappier Optimization SDK! Maximize your revenue or payers through the platform’s automatic In-App Product Price updates, while managing your Audience with Control and Target Groups!
Next step? Start engaging with your users by deploying over 30 pre-configured loyalty and retention tactics. Out-of-the-box, automated, and ready to launch, the tactics are KPI driven, and are deployed to users based on their propensity to reach the desired outcome.
  • Revenue Management & Optimization Engine
  • Automated Loyalty Suite
  • Audience Manager & Multivariate Testing
  • Event Tracking & Attribution
  • Lightweight SDK for iOS and Android
  • 1 billion data facts processed per day