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“Alex Moukas speaks about wappier at AppShow 2017”
Alex Moukas speaks about wappier at AppShow 2017


Alex Moukas founded wappier in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize revenue optimization for mobile apps and games. As wappier’s Founder and CEO, Moukas grew a team of just five individuals into the leading technology company it is today.

Throughout his career, Alex Moukas‘s serial entrepreneurship has amounted to successful exits surpassing $1 billion. His remarkable track record includes selling a company in his early twenties, to orchestrating a successful IPO in London at 33.

He has penned a book on Artificial Intelligence published by Springer, boasting over 50 contributions to scientific journals and conferences. His expertise extends to holding a portfolio of 12 US and international patents, spanning the domains of Mobile Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

As a sought-after industry speaker, Moukas has shared his insights with distinguished platforms such as Bloomberg, CNBC, MWC, and Mobile Marketer. He also served on the Global Board of the Mobile Marketing Association. Recognitions for his contributions include being named one of the 10 most influential figures in Mobile Technology worldwide by Business Insider, earning the distinction of a Top Global Leader under 40 by Global Telecoms Business Magazine, and being a Finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Northern California.


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“Alex Moukas speaks about wappier at AppShow 2017”
Alex Moukas speaks about wappier at AppShow 2017

What we do

We are building the next generation of marketing technology by deploying a sophisticated AI-powered product stack that dynamically transforms data-driven intelligence into optimal consumer-centric interactions.

By analyzing billions of data facts per day, our AI engine models, predicts, and influences each consumer’s behavior in real-time. Game and mobile app publishers can leverage an advanced suite of descriptive analytics to review the past, predictive analytics to forecast the future, and prescriptive analytics to affect future behavior maximizing their revenue and lifetime value of each player.

An AI technology pioneer since 2017, wappier has grown to be one of the world’s leading companies in mobile revenue optimization and has partnered with top game publishers around the world who are using wappier’s tech to succeed in an increasingly complicated gaming and consumer ecosystem.

Our Vision

To transform a universe of consumer data into a world of next-generation intelligent marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our Mission

We are advancing a new generation of Marketing Technology by deploying AI-powered revenue optimization products that transform the way mobile game and app developers maximize their customers’ Lifetime Value.

Our Culture and Values

Focus on the Customer

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We strive to provide a better experience, earn their confidence, and become part of their success. Our focus is on understanding their needs and providing the right solutions.

Strive for Excellence

We are passionate about what we do. We never give in the face of adversity and strive for perfection. The best is a one-way street. We keep moving forward, conjure new ideas, and improve what we already do best.

Inspire Teamwork

Teamwork is essential for the success of any organization. When people work together as a team, they can achieve things that they could never accomplish on their own. We strive for the best. We are all part of wappier and act with responsibility. We own both our successes and our failures. We support each other and contribute our best efforts towards common goals.

Be Curious

We ask questions, explore new ideas, and challenge what we think we know. We are open to new experiences and learning opportunities. We try new things and explore new ideas. We keep exploring, learning, and growing every day. We are curious. We thrive.

Aim for the Future

Everything we do, we do it big. We keep an eye on the future and think outside the box. We recognize a future need and act to provide a solution in the present. We are pioneers.

Keep Growing

We know that tough conversations are the only way to make progress. And we’re not afraid to have them – because we know that every opinion is valuable, and that different ways of thinking can help us learn and grow. We’re always seeking feedback, even when it’s difficult to hear. Because we know that growth comes from challenging ourselves and others. Together, we’re constantly learning and growing into our best selves.

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