How Jam City experienced a significant uplift in their engagement after implementing wappier’s Gamification Tactics

Jam City increased their ARPU
by 14.4 percent just two months after
launching a Loyalty Card in Genies & Gems

Key Points

Company: Jam City
Game: Genies & Gems
Solution: Loyalty Program
Tactics Used: Quests, Achievements, Point System, Point Boosters, Scratch & Win

The company

Jam City is one of the leading mobile gaming companies in the world. Since 2010, Jam City’s global franchises have amassed billions of installs. They have been hugely successful in creating original IP casual games and they are also the go-to studio for Hollywood, having developed immersive, narrative rich mobile games around iconic entertainment brands like Disney, Harry Potter, and Family Guy.

The need

Facing fierce competition in the Match-3 category and an expanding player base that plays more and spends less, Jam City wanted to experiment with new loyalty and gamification tactics in Genies & Gems that would help them retain their player base and keep them more engaged with a points-based rewards program, and in turn, improve the game’s revenue.

The solution

wappier takes rewards & gamification tools to the next level with their highly personalized Gamification Tactics. It is a complete player retention program that helps you keep players coming back for more. It gathers billions of pieces of gameplay data and employs sophisticated incentivization techniques that reward players for more visits and greater session length, resulting in increased engagement and spending.

The Results

With wappier’s Gamification Tactics, Jam City implemented a personalized Loyalty Card matching the look and feel in Genies & Gems, which significantly increased Virtual Currency spending by 70% and overall ARPU by 14.4%. This was due to good habit creation, as the Loyalty card mechanic gave players an extra reason to come back to the game every day. Users that opened the Loyalty Card at least once returned to the card at a rate similar to their game sessions.

+14.4% ARPU Uplift

+70% Virtual Currency Spent 

+24% Sessions per day 

+14.4% ARPU Uplift

+70% Virtual Currency Spent

+7% Sessions per day

Global Pricing ARPU Uplift

Why wappier?

wappier offers a comprehensive suite of ML-based revenue optimization solutions a game studio needs to increase their monetization and improve retention. Throughout Jam City‘s journey, the wappier team was by their side, providing end-to-end support – including solution implementation, program management, and performance analysis.