Wooga increased their paying customers by 24% using
Global Pricing

The company boosted revenue for June’s Journey by using wappier’s AI-powered revenue optimization platform.

Key Points

Company: Wooga
Game: June’s Journey
Target: 17 countries
Platform: Android

The company

Wooga is a mobile games developer, and part of Playtika, based in Berlin. Its focus is on making free-to-play games with thoughtful, compelling stories at their core. Wooga creates some of the most compelling hidden objects style games in the mobile industry, including June's Journey which is consistently among the top 100 grossing games worldwide.

The need

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is one of the most downloaded hidden object games on Google Play (more than 14m downloads in total) with 41% of its userbase in the United States. With more than half of its players being outside the United States, Wooga’s marketing strategy included localization of both the game and its advertising, but they did not have the expertise for localizing the pricing of in-app purchases.

The solution

While Wooga went through its own localization efforts for the game itself, they turned to wappier and its Global Pricing solution, which employs predictive analytics and econometric models to identify differences in player willingness to pay across countries and determines the optimal price of each in-app product per country. wappier's AI-powered optimization platform localizes in-app product pricing according to local purchasing power to maximize revenue and numbers of payers. In just a few months, Wooga managed to significantly increase their paying customers.

The Results

Wooga increased their paying players by more than 20% revenue by going beyond the standard localization techniques and currency exchange rates available initially Google Play. By enabling wappier's Global Pricing Solution and localizing their IAP prices, they managed to convert many thousands of players into payers. More paying customers means more revenue and greater retention, thus making for an overall healthier game economy. Building on this success, Wooga started to increase its user acquisition spend outside of the U.S. with confidence that June's Journey was correctly priced to justify the added investment.

Free-to-billed conversion uplift:  24%

Revenue increase (since start of the program): 13%

Average Transactions per Users Uplift:  38%

Global Pricing ARPU Uplift

Why wappier?

wappier offers a comprehensive suite of ML-based optimization solutions a game studio needs to increase their revenue and improve retention. Throughout Wooga‘s journey, the wappier team was by their side, providing end-to-end support – including solution implementation, program management, and performance analysis.