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Transforming the way marketers maximize consumer revenue by building the Next-Generation AI-Based Marketing Technology that goes beyond traditional marketing automation and takes carbon-based lifeforms out of Marketing.

wappier is leveraging Machine Learning to bring the sophistication that exists in the advertising part of the business world (aka how to acquire new consumers) into the marketing/CRM part (aka how to convert more consumers into buying customers and how to maximize revenue from each and every one of these customers). Our Proprietary Machine Learning algorithms predict consumer behavior and execute in real-time the optimal marketing actions for each individual consumer resulting in revenue and retention maximization.

We are utilizing Descriptive Analytics to deeply analyze what happened and why it happened, Predictive Analytics to forecast what will happen next, and Prescriptive Analytics to target each individual consumer with the optimal next best action in real-time. This next best action can be a limited sale, an optimal marketing campaign, personalized ad copy, or anything else that makes sense to the consumer and will trigger their behavior by incentivizing them to take an action and move further down the consumer funnel. We are providing to marketers automated solution that bridge the gap between prediction and action.

Finally, our innovative 3D data visualizations tools deliver customer understanding to marketers in a way that has never been done before. The platform is leveraging machine learning to go from chaotic data pools to valuable information by deciding the what and the how of data visualization. Not only is the company bringing a level of sophistication to revenue and loyalty marketing that the industry so desperately needs, but it is going to completely revolutionize the data visualization and audience management industry by giving answers to questions you didn’t know you should be asking.

On the heels of our recent funding announcement, I’d like to introduce you to wappier: the world’s first and most powerful Intelligent Revenue Management Platform.

How We Got Here

Advertising, CRM, communication are sophisticated industries that sometimes use machine learning to optimize the consumer experience. However, in most cases the tools out there only reach a specific level of personalization where the engine computes a biased outcome for a biased segment of consumers that “look alike”.

The reason we started wappier?

We felt that the existing marketing automation tools don’t actually close the loop for the marketer. They require significant resources (time, people, budget) and produce inadequate, suboptimal and, in certain cases, biased results. The traditional world of marketing automation entails humans building segments and then dozens of rule-based workflows perform pre-ordained actions across each of these segments. This world is grossly inadequate to operate in an always-on world, incorporating dozens of heterogeneous and often unstructured data sources. These are exactly the norms we are looking to break.

Before wappier, analytics companies could analyze the past and, in some cases, predict behavioral trends, but they fell short of responding to them in a way that would benefit both consumers and brands. wappier is the only platform that can predict consumer behavior, prescribe 1-1 next-best action recommendations, and execute delivery of optimal marketing campaigns in real-time. All while streamlining big data analysis, modeling consumer LTV with machine learning, and generating built-to-purpose data visualization paradigms to help marketers gain an unprecedented understanding of their consumers’ lifecycle.

What we realized is that brands and marketers are leaving money on the table because of two main reasons:

  • lack of automated technology to manage, visualize, and understand data (thus consumers) and
  • lack of true, real-time 1-1 personalization that not only computes but also serves the optimal marketing action to each individual consumer.

And that’s why we started wappier. Introducing Closed-Loop Automation that will shape the Future of Marketing.

What We Do

We are building a next-generation MarTech product stack that revolutionizes consumer management and optimization. The wappier platform focuses on two core things:

  • 3D Data Visualization through Machine Learning-Based Consumer Intelligence and Predictive Audience Management
  • Next Best Action Recommendation through Automated Loyalty, Pricing Optimization, Ad and CTA Optimization

The framework that makes all this happen is a powerful AI Engine through four fundamental sub-elements:

  • Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Automatic Feature Extraction
  • ML Modelling and Ensembling
  • Automatic Algorithm Fitting
Shaping The Future of Marketing witn the Power of AI

Next Best Action Recommendation

The wappier platform gives marketers and app developers the ability to manage their consumers in the most data-driven and fast way possible.

Applying traditional machine learning methods to everyday business problems requires time, money, resources, and expertise. Data science teams need to focus on business problems that matter: algorithms not ETL. What we have seen over the last few years is that, unfortunately, there is no single perfect algorithm that works for everything. Wish there was, right? Marketers have too many data points available without having sophisticated technology in-place to analyze the data effectively and in real-time which results in a dead-end.

The wappier platform accelerates the building and testing of machine learning algorithms by a factor of 100. We believe in “test, measure, learn, repeat,” but when performed manually, this cycle can consume the majority of a BI team’s time. wappier streamlines and automates the process, giving marketers the ability to A/B test or perform advanced multivariate testing in shorter cycles. This technology enables them to answer hyper-specific questions with ease, such as “Which offer works best for high LTV consumers during midnight hours?”.

wappier’s closed-loop platform creates real-time personalized recommendations in a way that maximizes Lifetime Value. The output of one algorithm becomes the input of another resulting in an optimization system that works independently. The system analyzes millions of data points in real-time in the background to cut through the data noise and give you the most valuable and actionable signals.

 One of the major pain points we identified in our initial explorations was that marketers lacked the tools they need to automate prescriptive analytics. Platforms offering “predictive analytics” were already widely available, but these tools only solved half of the problem.

It’s not enough to forecast and effectively influence consumer behavior. Marketers need an automated solution to bridge the gap between prediction and action. Our goal is to build a universal optimization engine that will model consumer behavior and serve the next best action in real-time. By utilizing AI and machine learning, wappier goes beyond marketing automation to optimize offers in real-time on a per consumer basis. Every consumer interaction is precious, so how do we fully optimize it? How do we make it meaningful enough to get the most possible value at all times for all consumers? Money is left on the table because our marketing is not truly personalized.

We are on a mission to go beyond typical automation workflows and power consumer management and optimization with AI. We are enabling marketers to automate and optimize the entire post-acquisition consumer journey by understating who their consumers are and closing the loop by serving the optimal 1-1 campaign in real-time.

 Marketing for individuals, not segments.

Next Best Action Recommendation

Machine Learning-Based Data Visualization

We have come a long way as human beings in data warehousing, processing, and business intelligence. However, data visualization paused with basic spreadsheets showing charts. The human brain wasn’t designed to think in terms of spreadsheets. We are at our most creative and insightful when we can visualize a problem in three dimensions. What’s more, two-dimensional graphs are highly reductive when it comes to analyzing consumer journeys of any kind. Three-dimensional visualizations demonstrate causal relationships between in-app progress, engagement, and desired behaviors far more effectively.

That’s why we created the industry’s most advanced 3D visualization engine, which makes it easy and intuitive to grasp data patterns across the consumer journey. The wappier platform is leveraging machine learning to go from chaotic data pools to valuable information by deciding which data to visualize and how. Bringing a revolution to the data visualization and audience management industry by giving answers to questions you didn’t know you should be asking.

#Automagically Boosting Revenue and Retention

wappier is more than a machine learning platform — it’s the most powerful Intelligent Revenue Management platform ever contrived. We are revolutionizing the MarTech landscape.

wappier distills your data into intuitive visualizations and provide the tools to automate data extraction and accelerate testing. These technologies come together to help marketers maximize the value of the consumers that have already been acquired through the power of true 1-1 personalization.

Today, wappier is integrated into over 80 apps and systems analyzing over 2 billion data facts per day from over 50 million consumers. Curious to see it in action? Contact our team today for a demo.