One of the top-ranked mobile poker apps increased their ARPU by 84%

The game’s revenue increased significantly with wappier’s Global Pricing software.

Key Points

Game: Top Poker Game
Target: 16 countries
Platform: Android

The company

The company behind the game has offices in the United States and Europe and over 18 years of experience in mobile and online betting and gaming. They feature a rich and diverse product portfolio with millions of players worldwide. This top poker game was released in 2012 and has over 10 million downloads and a robust global MAU base of 300,000 players worldwide.

The need

Even though the game was played by millions of people in 85 countries, most of the game's global monthly revenue was generated by two markets: the U.S. and Canada. The company wanted to appropriately price their in-app purchases to encourage spending, but to do so they lacked an understanding of global economics and how local purchasing power impacts users' willingness to buy.

The solution

The game launched wappier's Global Pricing Solution, an integrated tool that employs predictive analytics and econometric models to identify differences in player willingness to pay across countries and adjusts the optimal price of each in-app product per country. wappier's AI-powered optimization platform applies optimal in-app product pricing to maximize revenue and numbers of payers.

The Results

The game increased revenue by going beyond the standard currency exchange rates offered by Google at launch. wappier’s Global Pricing
Solution optimized thousands of different price points by understanding and modeling the economic dynamics of each country.
Right from the beginning, Global Pricing’s optimization made a significant difference in increasing revenues

General ARPU Uplift

59% (average across program lifetime)

75% Revenue gain (average across program lifetime vs benchmark)

SDK-Less Integration –
Minimal Engineering Effort Required

All-Time-High Total Monthly Revenue
(for similar MAUs)

SDK-Less Integration –
Minimal Engineering Effort Required

All-Time-High Total Monthly Revenue
(for similar MAUs)

General ARPU Uplift 59% 
(average across program lifetime)

75% Revenue gain (average across 
program lifetime vs benchmark)

Global Pricing ARPU Uplift

Result: 45% Higher ARPU month over month across 16 targeted countries

“Easy to use, minimal effort from our side required, very helpful team, great (and steady month over month) results with up to 84% ARPU uplifts in some countries. Looking into ways of extending our partnership. I could not be happier with my experiences with wappier.“
@ Mobile Poker App

Why wappier?

wappier offers a comprehensive suite of ML-based optimization solutions a game studio needs to increase their revenue and improve retention. Throughout the company’s journey with Global Pricing, the wappier team was by their side, providing end-to-end support – including solution implementation, program management, and performance analysis.