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wappier on “How To Increase User LTV by 45% with Automated Loyalty and Dynamic Pricing”

wappier in the news! 🛎️ Must-read alert by PocketGamer.biz. Read the 1-1 interview with Alex Moukas, Founder and CEO of wappier, here: https://www.pocketgamer.biz/comment-and-opinion/67831/increasing-user-ltv-by-45-with-automated-loyalty-and-dynamic-pricing/ How can revenue management processes, like loyalty and pricing optimization, increase User LTV by 45%? wappier makes it simple with the power of AI and Machine Learning, aspiring to bring the sophistication that exists in UA to post-acquisition revenue management and optimization. "It's time we focus on the existing audience of a game. The right pricing of IAPs, the proper retention tactics and a meaningful loyalty system…

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