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wappier Selected as “Top ML Company to Watch Out for in 2018” by The Technology Headlines

We are on the list! 

“Top Machine Learning Companies to watch out for in 2018”: So proud to be included in the annual list by The Technology Headlines, a print and online magazine that brings together CEOs, CIOs, and other senior-level technology decision makers to speak on the evolution of technology and new industry trends. Counting 63,000 copies every month and over 1.2m digital subscribers!

Thank you The Technology Headlines!

“Even a 5% increase in retention can lead to 50-100% revenue uplifts, it’s time we focus on post-acquisition and customer engagement. Intelligent Revenue Management for us means automation when it comes to managing consumers, the what, when, why and how of the offers and the rewards they receive.”

Our mission is to use AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the way app developers and marketers manage consumers to help them make more revenue. Read the full 1-1 interview with Alex Moukas, Founder and CEO of wappier.

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