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Loot Boxes, FOMO, and Mental Accounting: Behavioral Economics in F2P Game Design

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The free-to-play market may be the most profitable gaming segment of all time, but it’s also the most competitive. Studios can’t just release games for free and expect to earn a profit without monetizing uniquely engaging experiences. That means developers must precisely optimize monetization initiatives to maximize revenue and user engagement. As the free-to-play market grows, leading developers have turned to the world of behavioral economics, which lies at the intersection of psychology and economics, to understand what motivates the purchasing behaviors of F2P players. When integrated into the pricing strategy, these insights can boost revenue, highlight new opportunities, and even give developers a competitive edge.

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wappier Releases In-App Purchase Pricing Strategy Guide for Mobile Developers, Available Now
A Guide to Behavioral Economics for In-App Purchase Pricing” details the strategies and best practices needed to optimize in-app price points successfully
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